Book: The Inner Journey - You will find the keys and tools inside of you

Kindle edition: A book in Swedish about the inner journey that all must do to be able to fully embrace who we really are. The authors share their keys, insights and knowledge that are both based on facts but mostly on personal experience.

The book is about:

We need to see ourselves for the unique, strong, creative and creative individuals that we are deep down. We need to live more as we learn. There are so many who waver in their belief in themselves and who believe that they must fit into a particular pattern in order to be good as they are. If you are at least a little different, you often think that you are not as good. We must begin to see ourselves as strong, energetic, creative creators who, at heart, possess the ability to move mountains. We can, if we only start from the center of our heart and give ourselves the opportunity to believe in ourselves and that we can. Above all, we must begin to realize that alone is not strong and instead learn to cooperate more. We all need each other, because it is in the deepest sorrow and the most difficult life choices that we will discover who we are and the ability we carry within us, to finally create the life we ​​dream of. We carry all the keys and tools within us.

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