I offer 1-1 coaching and couple-coaching as well as Conscious Leader Coaching.

* Trained Life Coach (Coach U (

* Published author (within personal development)

* Neurology & Personal Development Mentor 

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Coaching has a clear structure that brings out your creativity and your strengths.

Coaching is a clear and structured way of working. Coaching is about finding who we are, finding our creativity, desire and drive, abilities and strengths. Coaching is based on our own will and ability to take responsibility for choices and actions. Motivation is a strong driving force and engine when it comes to creating change - both on the practical, concrete and the more mental, abstract level.

As a coach, I work to make visible and create changes to a more optimal and satisfying state where you use your full potential. It can be about changes in life such as better health, strengthened self-esteem, conflict management, stress management, professional career or path choice, relationships with loved ones, relationships with work colleagues and work management. It can be about life's small and life's big questions, such as our fears, phobias and changes in life that prevent you from achieving your results and goals.

Become a conscious leader / executive / entrepreneur

- with contact with your inner self and confident in showing all emotions

Do you want to develop your personal leadership or are you facing exciting challenges as a leader or entrepreneur, or do you have career thoughts in general? By being coached, you get structure on your thoughts and ideas. With clearer insight into your behaviors, strengths and driving forces, the opportunity to act more effectively to achieve business and personal goals increases. Coaching is based on asking questions, creating space for reflection, mirroring and giving feedback to create increased awareness, personal responsibility and in-depth learning. Coaching challenges perceptions and boundaries that have hitherto hindered you in your pursuit of optimal leadership skills.

1-1 coaching

It can also be about life coaching where I as a coach work to see and hear you all, what constitutes you, your needs and your goals. I am your holistic coach who understands that you already have a life full of needs and wants. A MINDSET coach who understands the importance of you developing at a pace that feels GOOD for YOU and helping you take on life's challenges and guide you through conversations, training and mental keys to a way forward, to a better quality of life for you and your loved ones.


I can also help you as a couple to see what in communication needs to be developed. I will go through with you, how different needs and ways of communicating create challenges for the relationship. By seeing and hearing your respective needs and then feedback based on my broad knowledge in unconditional love and give you techniques for setting boundaries instead of walls, you will together with me as a coach see that basically the problem is not that you have difficulty fit together without it being that you are locked in old patterns and positions.

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