I as a dipl. massage therapist works with the treatment of pain and other ailments from muscles and soft tissues. Massage therapy is suitable for both acute and long-term muscular problems. But I can also give you as a customer a classic massage to release tension after prolonged tension in your muscles.

Examples of problems that are treated with good results are mouse arm, neck lock, low back pain, general muscle stiffness and limited mobility. Massage therapy can also be healthy and preventive. A number of different massage and muscle stretching techniques as well as muscle tests are included in a treatment. You also get good advice on what you can do yourself to alleviate and prevent your problems.

Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases requires that you are well acquainted with all the various acute and acquired injuries that can occur and the diseases of the musculoskeletal system of course. This means that, in order to be able to treat, you must be knowledgeable in examining so that you know what is to be treated and how the massage is to be set up. You must also try to understand through conversation and examination whether it is massage that is the right form of treatment or whether you should send the client directly to a doctor or a licensed therapist, a physiotherapist (physiotherapist), naprapath or chiropractor.

Here you have the opportunity to add lifecoaching at the same time you receive your massage therapy and then you have the opportunity to in relaxed forms also go into goals and dreams in your life and how you can realize them.


In this state of mind that the massage provides, creativity increases and relaxation opens up the mind's ability to create insights.