Dynamic Correction

(By Kia Temmes)


All body treatments

- Medical laser ▶️

- Massage ▶️

- Dynamic Correction (read below) 


Balancing the nervous system and spine through muscle testing and counterpoints inspired by art neuro + body pressure + deep relaxation through rocking.

Dynamic correction corrects and releases blockages in the spine and nervous system, reduces stress and balances your entire system, including leg length.

Who is this treatment suitable for?

• Anyone who in any way experiences stress and / or imbalances in any way.

• If you have any kind of pain, ache or stiffness in your back, neck, shoulders, head, knees, elbows, ankles or ankles.

• Chronic pain or impairment.

• Recently been exposed to a trauma / accident.

• Do not feel comfortable going to a chiropractor.

• Children from 8 years and up ->

What can you expect from a treatment:

• Less stress.

• Relaxed and balanced.

• More knowledge about your body and how everything is connected.

• Less pain and more mobility.

The treatment can advantageously be combined with manipulation of the spine by gentle mobilization (buckling) to increase the flow of synovial fluid in the spine and hip.

As a massage therapist, I also have the opportunity to include massage in the treatment.

And as a medical laser therapeut I have the possibility to treat inflamations with both acute and chronical pain.

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